Management, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting:

The General Committee (GC) is the highest body of Sinnomul Mohila Samity (SMS). GC of the SMS is formed with 50 members and of which two-thirds of recognized grassroots level groups and remaining members those who are social development workers, the well-wishers and elite’s. The organization has got an Executive Committee consisting of 9(nine) female members. The General Committee elects members of this committee for a period of two years. It performs all responsibilities on behalf of the General Committee. Executive Committee holds monthly meeting. E.C appoints Executive Director who is reportable to SMS for the smooth running of overall activities.

For exchange of knowledge and information amongst the managerial level officials for running integrated programme arrangement in the Daily Co-ordination meeting (DCM) is a forum for discussion prevalent. More to clear that every morning all the officers’ sit together to discuss, criticize and review activities and take correct decision. Central Co-ordination Meeting (CCM) is held on every Saturday. SMS while implementing should follow the Purchase Committee, Tender Committee, and Recruitment Committee etc.

The project staffs are responsible for the proper implementation of all field activities of SMS. It is now the policy of SMS that all projects are monitored in terms of inputs; outputs, outcome, impact and the measurement criteria are considered at the outset become part of the project proposal. The measurement of SMS cost effectiveness will be considerably improved with the planned introduction of a management information system. The supervisors are made follow up the activities regular basis. The Program Management collects data of performed activities monthly basis. The data are being collected through monthly coordination meeting and by using some prescribe format we called monitoring input sheets. After collection of data, the monitoring report produce Monthly/quarterly basis. The management physically visits the performed activities and interview program beneficiaries. Thus the program evaluate by the management of the organization. The monitoring and evaluation report is prepared by the management and submit the authorities. The six monthly internal evaluation reports was undertaken & feed back provided to all level of implementation and management staff including govt. & Executive Committee members of SMS. The annual evaluation of the project activities was done with the help of resource persons from NGOs and EC members of SMS. The findings of the evaluation has been shared and disseminated among all stakeholders.