Program Activities Donor
Women development Group formation, Awareness about all violence of women, Training, Credit for different IGA, Activities against woman & child Trafficking, Motivation about women & child rights, Rights based community network development for reducing all violence against the Hard-core poor and Extreme Minorities women, adolescent girls and children, Legal Aid support, Awareness against fair election etc. European Union (EU), MO-BI-PO, SAP, PKSF, DAM, EU through CWCS, DAM, BANCHTE SHEKHA, Own fund. PRIP Trust.
Education Formal and Non-formal education, Adolescent & Adult education, Cultural Activities about enroll the dropout children etc. BNFE, BRAC, USC-Canada, OCTA-Canada, DAM, Save the Children
Agricultural activities Farmer group formation, Awareness, Technical support for different Agriculture activities, Technology Transfer, Road side tree plantation, Nursery, Fish cultivation, Pond re-excavation, Demo plot established, Training, Credit, etc. USAID, BARC, GOB, CARE, ATDP, GRARDP, DAE, IFADEP SP-II, NWFP, Own fund.
Health and Sanitation Program. MCH and Clinical support, Free distribution of medicine and awareness rising about Family Planning. Arsenic Mitigation, Nutrition, Motivation against Tube-well & latrine Installation, Training, etc. VHSS, TAF, USAID, NGO Forum, VHSS, UNICEF, Own fund.
HIV/AIDS Prevention Life Skill Education, Training, Meeting, Workshop, Motivation for Prevention of HIV/AIDS, Youth friendly Health service delivery, etc. GFATM through ACD, HASAB, Own fund.
Disaster Preparedness & Climate Change Awareness against Disaster Preparedness & Climate Change, Training, Rescue and Rehabilitation, Emergency relief work, Post disaster rehabilitation activities etc. PRACTICAL ACTION-Bangladesh, VHSS, KOINONIA, Own fund
Waste Management Waste to Bio-gas, Waste to Compost, House hold waste collection,  Training, motivation etc. PAB, Gaibandha Pourosova, ILO
Disable Development Therapy, Inclusion, Devise support, Rehabilitation, Education/Training etc. CDD, Own fund
Strengthening of local Govt. Capacity building of Local government, Training, Workshop, Orientation, Good Governance etc. European Union (EU), Own fund,
Empowering Local and National Humanitarian Actors (ELNHA) Project.


Developed skilled manpower on disaster issues at UP level. Disaster volunteers will assist community people and save their resources during and after disaster. Disaster volunteers will make aware community people regarding disaster forecast., Disaster volunteers will assist UDMC and UzMC to implementation response related activities.


OXFAM in Bangladesh Through SKS Foundation
Training Deferent tips of awareness and Skill development training. SMS has a well equip training center and resource persons on different issues. It’s has 40 seat dormitory and two hall room. Mo-Bi-Po, GOB, ATDP, BRAC, Own Fund.