Sinnomul Mohila Samity

Sinnomul Mohila Samity (SMS) is a non-profit making, non-religious, non-political, humanitarian,  non-governmental  voluntary  development   organization   established on 1 February 1979 with the initiatives of a few local honest, sincere and dedicated social workers from varied discipline with an aim to promote the socio-economic status of the rural poor and the disadvantaged people emphasizing the backward and downtrodden women, children through awareness raising, capacity building, institution development, entrepreneurship development, health and non formal education and various income generating activities such as, micro credit, small trade, poultry rearing, agricultural development etc. SMS is also being served as an additional force to sustainable development of deprives, backward, downtrodden, Hard-core Poor of the society and assists them to make economically and socially viable. It’s also carries out various programs such as; women and children rights and violence against women through enhance knowledge and skill to improve their family and social status so that men and women can work together in the society for sustainable standard of living


The following analysis lists SMSs’ achievements during the last year till December 2017. These have categorized in sequence with organizational strategic objectives.

  • More than 32,320 women and men from extreme poor families received skills and human development training to get involve in different IGAs, job placements, small entrepreneurship development;
  • More than 1.5 million families were provided with information about health, agriculture, watsan, disaster preparedness and management, climate change etc;
  • Nearly 500 elected representatives of the local Union Parishads (UPs) received skills training about their role and responsibilities and presently they are playing active role for better services;
  • The leadership capacities of extreme poor and poor women strengthened and consequently 05 women from poor families were elected directly to general and reserve seats of different Union Parishads;
  • Nearly 2,000 women, men and children of poor and extreme poor families received health, hygiene and nutrition supports;
  • 05 eye camps successfully organized where 300 eye patients received necessary health advices and medicine supports;
  • 01 health clinics and one therapy centre for people with disabilities established, where women and children from poor families receive childcare support;
  • About 142 disabled children received assistive supports including wheel chair, hearing and walking tools, reading and learning materials;
  • About 10,000 families of the working area successfully lifted themselves out of extreme poverty and leading improved livelihoods;
  • 1,200 cattle including cows, goats, ram and 13,500 poultry being vaccinated;
  • Nearly 3,000 households received assets as livelihood supports including for goats, cows, ram, poultry rearing, small entrepreneurs etc;
  • Over 50,000 households saplings of fruits, wood and medicinal plants distributed to the poor and extreme poor beneficiaries living in remote char areas;
  • Numbers of training, orientation and workshop were being accomplished covering the areas of gender and development, rights and women rights, good governance and transparency, rights based approach, communication and information services etc;
  • More than 10,215 people including women and men are playing active role against any sorts of violence against women;
  • Submitted investigative report of  35 cases to District Judge Court on violence against women and children;
  • Series of event to develop the human rights situation organized together with district level representation of different committees and Gainbandha Human Rights Situation Reports for 2013 published;
  • 780 extreme poor families received tube-wells and 2087 sanitary latrines installation supports that they are utilizing by their family members;

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